Guiding Services

Planning your Battlefield Tour with Marshall's Battlefields could not be easier.
Simply jot some ideas down on the contact form and send it through to me. I can suggest a 'core' itinerary, which would suit the needs of most first time battlefield visitors and travellers who wish to gain an overview of the Great War Western Front. Popular themes for tours include the war in a specific area, a particular battle, or as frequently happens, you would like to follow the movements and actions of a particular unit. Using your information, I can plan a tour from scratch which will suit your needs according to your instructions.
I can be your tour manager, and will, at your request, book all aspects of travel and accommodation or I can simply act as the guide to your party on a pre-planned tour. The choices are entirely yours.
My experience covers tours to all areas of the Great War Western Front, and in formats ranging from individual travellers through to coach tours.

The central principle I adopted when I first began guiding is 'Individually Researched, Personally Guided'. I still work to that standard as it has proved to be the best way to deliver a perfectly crafted, informative and enjoyable tour.
I am a member of the International Guild of Battlefield Guides and the European Tour Operators Association, which keep me up to date with current regulations and standards. I am also a long-standing Member of the Western Front Association and other battlefield-based organisations which aim to improve our collective knowledge about British and Commonwealth efforts on the Western Front during the Great War. In 2020 I became a founding member of The Great War Group.
Whether you are organising an individual trip, are a family group, an ex-service group, currently serving, a church group, a school or college, a sports club, or a local history society, or, indeed, anyone I have missed, you are all welcome to use my Guiding Service.
For full details of Terms and Fees, please visit that page and download the Guiding Service factsheet.

I look forward to hearing from you, and Guiding for you soon.